Raising the roof!

Charles Louwerse, local architect and the museum’s Building Officer, talks about some of the recent repairs to our Grade II listed premises.

Minor inconvenience to pedestrians in Church Lane, wonderful piece of scaffold art, climbing frame for alcohol-emboldened lads? No! The scaffold outside the museum was the platform for museum roof repairs, which are now complete.

The roof has had minor leaks over the past 10 years. An insulating foam had been used by a previous owner to both insulate and secure the tiles, and this was holding water within the roof structure which, in the long-term, would destroy the roof. So for a long time it’s expensive repair has been planned.

roof 7 (1)

Neil and his team of roofers have removed the old roof and replaced it with new tiles and have insulated the roof. Unfortunately, the spray-on insulation rendered the old tiles unusable; the new clay ones, however, will soon gain the patina of age! So this new roof should last as long as the previous one, with minimal maintenance requirement.

The work of art has now been removed and Church Lane is clear again until the next bit of maintenance on the neighbouring properties.

Many thanks to all directly involved and for the co-operation of those not!


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